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Firefox coming on iPhone as Firefox Home

So, if you have been wishing for a long time to run Firefox on your iPhone, then there is a chance that your wish may come true, not completely, sort of. Thats because the application submitted by Mozilla, Firefox Home, is not another version of Firefox for Mobile, Fennec, its rather a window to access your Firefox world, making sure that you don't miss any of your bookmarks, open tabs on other firefox etc

How to update Firefox to 3.6.6 on Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx

Firefox 3.6.6 is a quick update to fix the hanging timeout issue in the crash protective Firefox 3.6.4. There seems to be a trouble with either old computer or people trying to play Farmville because of the loading time. So, if you are facing similar trouble on your Ubuntu system, its time to update.

Firefox 3.6.6, an update to crash protective 3.6.4, is released now

Firefox has released an updated to the recently released crash-free Firefox 3.6.4. The crash protection feature successfully prevented the crashing of third party plugins - Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe's Flash etc to affect the browsers. In case of freezes though, it used to wait for 10 second as a default timeout before terminating the plugin. Firefox 3.6.6 is released to address this timeout.

Nokia to start using Meego on their N-series Smartphones, no more Symbian

Nokia announced this Thursday that from now on the N-series smartphones will have Meego instead of Symbian. The upcoming N8 handset will be the last in this series running Symbian. This doesn't mean Symbian will be kicked off the main stream, it will still be used in low spec/cheaper Nokia phones, which have a huge demand in developing countries. But in order to compete in the smartphone industry, Nokia is coming with the ultimate combo, N-series + Meego.

How to: Open PDF files in a Linux Console using fbgs, a framebuffer PDF viewer

Another day, another command line/Console based application. Just to refresh your memory, last time we told you about a Linux framebuffer Image viewer, Fbi, that lets you view images without a X server. This time I will introduce you to fbgs, a console based PDF/Postscript viewer which makes use of fbi to view PDFs.

Speed, Responsiveness and Stability to get a boost in the next Firefox for Mobile, Fennec 2.0

Firefox developers are planning to bring some very productive changes in the next version of their mobile browser, Fennec 2.0. This upcoming browser will support Hardware accelerated rendering and out of process web content. Mark Finkle wrote in a post about the inclusion of Project Layers and Project Electrolysis which will enable these two powerful features in the next Firefox for Mobile.

Chrome overtakes Safari, now holds Third place in US Browser Market

According to the statcounter's last week update, Chrome has finally overtaken Safari and has now earned Third position in the US Browser market. On an International scale, Chrome is way ahead of Safari, with more than twice its market share, but for the first time it has conquered it in United States.

Chrome with built-in Flash is available now

Every browser has its own ways of dealing with the inevitable Adobe Flash Technology. Inevitable? Becaues of its wide usage, can't just avoid it. Google Chrome, for example, decided to prevent crashing and other issues with Flash, by integrating it with the browser using an extension to NPAPI and has finally released a stable version of Chrome with built-in Flash support.

Survey shows that Developers prefer Apple over Android

The Q2 mobile developer survery, conducted by Appcelerator, the makers of Titanium platform for building mobile and desktop apps, shows that Developers are more interested in developing applications for Apple's iOS than Android. They do accept the fact that Android has a lot of potential but would prefer iOS because of its better app store and bigger market for mobile apps.

How to update your Firefox to 3.6.4 on Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx

Firefox recently released a major update of the browser, Firefox 3.6.4. Major is not in the sense of version numbers, its the integration of Out of Process Plugins which isolates Third Party plugins and prevents Firefox crashes and freezes because of them. In this howto, I will tell you how to update your Firefox to the latest release on Lucid.