Apple's Safari on iOS4 is miles behind Android 2.2's web browser in Javascript Race

Based on pure Javascript tests conducted by ArsTechnica to compare the recently released Android 2.2 and iOS4, results show some great performance by the Android browser. The credit goes to the new JIT engine in Froyo which has heavily optimized the browser.

Yahoo announces Mail, Messenger apps and a Search widget for Android

These days, no web service can afford to not be available as an Android application. After looking at its growing pace and number of users, Yahoo!, a bit late though, has announced the release of official Mail and Messenger apps and a Yahoo! search widget for Android phones.

Finally Fragmentation is Dying - Android 2.1 runs on 50% of the Devices

The efforts of Google to slow down the Fragmentation seems to be working now. A recent report shows that Android 2.1 a.k.a. Eclair leads the market with more than 50% of share. An important point to note here is that this report presents data from the relative number of active devices over a period of two weeks. So, the version spectrum on the whole market share may differ but we can atleast be sure that the major version being actively used is Android 2.1.

Now you can send Application Bug Reports using Android 2.2 - Awesome

We all are pretty aware about the awesomeness of Android 2.2, aka Froyo, but one of the powerful features which will be a boon for Application developers is the facilitation of reporting errors and bug reports using your Android. Yes, bye bye to blind debugging, now you contribute by helping developers through your feedback to improve your favourite application.

Android 2.2, Froyo, is faster, more powerful and has a lot of Impressive Features

At the Google I/O Developer conference, the Internet Giant announced the release of Android 2.2, Froyo, the next major update. In any computing device, good speed is something which is always appreciated and Android 2.2 comes with some impressive speed and performance improvements along with a bunch of new features. It also introduces a few new APIs giving more power to application developers.

Android 2.2, Froyo, will support Connection Sharing

It seems the upcoming major release of Android, version 2.2 aka Froyo, is coming with a whole bunch of amazing new features. According to Techcrunch, this new release will provide you with the capability of sharing 3G connection on your Android phone with your laptop and you can even use your Android as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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